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Mrs Matilda Peters (known as Tilly)

Tilly was a member of Epsom Bowling Club from 1993 to 2003.

Club Record

1993  Won Triples with Jo Ellis & Gill Sperring

1996  Won Pairs with Janet Cheeseman

1997  Runner Up in Pairs with Mrs B Tattam

1998  Runner Up in the Triples with Mrs Ann Pearce & Mrs Jean Crayden


Epsom Bowling Club sends its condolences to Tilly's family & friends at this very sad time.


What happened in 1909

As you know our Club was founded in 1909.

Work is underway to display the original minutes book in the Pavilion - a notice will be displayed when this happens.

However, you can view them here - Click Here for Minutes 1909 - 1921.


What else happened in 1909?    More facts later in RED

1st January 1909 – national old age pension scheme comes into force.

9th January 1909 – Ernest Shackleton's Nimrod Expedition to the South Pole forced to turn back 112 miles from the pole.

26th February 1909 – first film shown in colour using Kinemacolor at the Palace Theatre London.


18th April 1909 - Joan of Arc is beatified in Rome.


24th April 1909 – the FA Cup final is won by Manchester United for the first time, as they beat Bristol City 1–0 at Crystal Palace.


19th May 1909 - Russian ballet is brought to the Western world, when the Ballets Russes opens a tour produced by Sergei Diaghilev at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, with 55 dancers, including Vaslav Nijinsky.


26 May 1909 – the King's horse, Minoru, wins the Epsom Derby.


25 July 1909 – Louis Blériot flies a Blériot XI monoplane across the English Channel from Calais to Dover, winning a prize of £1000 from the Daily Mail.


5th November 1909 -  the first Woolworth's branch in the UK opens in Liverpool


4th December 1909 -  the University of Bristol is founded and receives its Royal Charter.


Pat Buckley

Tributes by people who knew Pat

‘Very good friend, will be missed by all those that had the pleasure knowing him’ Martin Harbottle

‘Pat was such a kind and gentle man’- Phil Sims

‘I am sad to hear that our very good friend & bowling team member has gone to the perfect & peaceful green in the sky. He will be remembered as an active & skilful bowler and also as a true gentleman’ Ted Ray

‘Very sad to hear.  He was a lovely man’ John Meningen

‘It was a privilege to know Pat, play with him and against him on many occasions.  We will miss him so much’ Les Owen

‘This is seriously sad. Pat & me had increasing great rapport, bowls & friendship’ Graham Pilbrow

‘Really sad news.  He will be missed – a real character’ Jim Scott

‘Another sad loss. Pat was a true gentleman’ Terry Berry

‘What a big loss to the Club’ John & Sandra Huxford

‘Really sad news.  Pat was a lovely man’ Stefan Lukatschat

‘Very sad news’ George & Gill Sperring

‘Makes me feel very sad indeed’ David Sowdon