1909 The following is a typed version of the minutes recorded for the original meeting held on July 8th 1909 (click here for image of original minutes)


Meeting held at Mr Chiltons Mill Road house July 8th 1909 with the object of starting a bowling club in Epsom.


Mr F H Trower (in the chair)  Messrs Chilton, W Woods, Capon, C Bloomfield, Paine & F Goldsmith, the latter to act as Sec protem.


That the club should be called "Ebbisham Bowling Club"

That Mr Bloomfield price of 10 a year, on a lease of 7 14 or 21 years for a piece of ground in the rear of E U D Councils buildings, was too high, and proposed by Mr Trower Seconded by Mr Goldsmith, and unanimously decided to make Mr Bloomfield an offer of 7 a year for the same ground, this offer Mr Bloomfield promised to consider & give his decision in a day or two. Meanwhile Mr Trower & Mr Capon agreed to look about & see if the could find a suitable ground in some other property. Proposed by Mr Trower & seconded by Mr Woods to start the club by making the entrance fee 10/6 payable in advance.  Carried unanimously. All those present at this meeting & whose names have already been given, agreed to act & to be considered as members of a preliminary committee of the club. Following are the names of some whom it was thought well to invite to become members, & who would probably join.

by Mr Chilton    Mr Ashinson  Beams  Reddick  Wells  Elphick

by Mr Trower    Mr Eggar  Mr Hart  J Underwood  H Williams  Fothergill  Hemming  Bird

                        D Vapper Price  Oram  Hardwick  Hedham Bert Williams  Maye

                        E G Wilson Edwards  Bevan  Coldwell

by Mr Woods     Nuthall  Chadband  Tedder  Calderwood  Corbett

Mr Capon          Mr Warner  Meade  Mr Martin