Epsom Bowling Club Photographs


Surrey v Warwickshire Photos



2010/2011 photographs

Gala Day Photographs

18th July 2009


Area3 Top 4

16th August 2014


2009 Centenary Photographs

 Jubilee Day Gala Photos


Hawaii Barbecue Day

21st June 2015

Kitchen 2016 Funeral Care East Surrey League

Pirates Day

19th June 2016

Queen's Birthday


8th July 2016

Wild West & Barbeque Day

Our Pavilion (Click for larger version)

(supplied by Andrew Turnbull

- taken with a Drone)

Bar Area with Perspex Screen &

Contactless paying machine

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One way system in operation with

Social Distancing seating

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Working Party November 2019 involved in the New Changing Rooms

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East Surrey League Runners Up Division 1 2019

Martin Harbottle receiving the East Surrey League Runners Up Trophy 2019


110th Anniversary Match held on Tuesday 3rd September 2019  Epsom v Surrey President


Back Row: Howard Ellis Graham Coleman Robert York Andrew Turnbull

Terry Hoye Stefan Tomm John Warren John Meningen

Richard Senior Simon Meller

Middle Row: Phil Sims Brian Collis Dave Pearce Bob Blaker Les Owen

Derek Martin Geoff Purrott David Ganney

Front Row: Wayne Thonton Hayden Thornton Dickie Day Terry Berry

Mick Cooper Peter Miller Richard price

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Surrey Presidents Team


East Surrey League

Martin Harbottle, Bob Blaker & Les Owen attended the ESL Dinner at Sutton Bowling Club on Wednesday 20th March 2019.  Bob, as Captain, accepted the runners up Trophy & Shield for

Division 1.


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Bob receiving the Runners up

Cup & Shield

Graham Coleman receiving his County Badge from President Peter Marshall on Tuesday 13th August 2019


Hippies BBG Day

24th June 2018

Val Blaker  Bob Blaker  Howard Ellis  Trish Southgate  Audrey Jones    Martine Ellis  Sandra Huxford  Sandie Harvey

(click on photo for larger version)  (photos - Robert York)


Vilamoura Presentation 18th September 2018

Sandra Huxford presented with Trophy from John Seymour (Vilamoura Organiser

Sandra Huxford Geoff Purrott Audrey Jones

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Sutton & District Bowling Association

Ted Peirce Trophy

Winner - Martin Harbottle

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John Meningen receiving his County Badge from the Surrey President Derek Harvey after the game

Surrey v Essex at Wanstead Central

on 18th May 2017

Surrey won the match 115 - 98

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Chrystie League Winners 2017

Andy Turnbull  Phil Sims  Geoff Purrott

Ken Lacey Derek Cash  Stefan Lukatschat  Keith Roberts  Frank Thompson

Howard Ellis

Bob Blaker  Brian Kenyon  Derek Martin  Fred Read  Bill Lawrence

(missing from photograph Bob Lister,

David Bragg, Graham Coleman &

Ron Snow)

Chrystie League Shield - Epsom BC Winners

Presented to Bob Lister & Derek Martin

on Monday August 14th 2017

Les Owen with Randolph Cup

Runners Up Yonwin Cup 2016

Open Day Promotion at Epsom Market on Saturday 6th May 2017



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Mole Valley Cup - Runners Up 2016

John Warren  John Huxford  Howard Ellis

Brian Kenyon  Terry Berry  Andrew Turnbull


Sutton & District Bowling Association

Yonwin Runners Up 2016

Terry Berry  Keith Roberts

Andrew Turnbull Bob Blaker

Martin Harbottle  Graham Naish

John Meningen Jim Scott  Brian Kenyon

Howard Ellis  Pat Buckley  David Sowdon

Sutton & District Bowling Association

Sandra & John Huxford - Winners 2016


Plaque & Flag Pole presented by Maureen Trumble in memory of her husband Percy.


David Sowdon (President), Maureen Trumble,

Sandra Huxford & David Bragg


Celebration Night - 18th September 2015

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The 3 Pictures below are of Epsom Bowling Club's first President in 1909 - Frank Harry Trower

(Many thanks to Steve Bacon (from Cumbria) - Frank's Great Grandson for permission to use these photographs)



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Brian Kenyon & Eileen Mills

Finalists Sutton & District St Raphael Pairs 2014


John Huxford

Finalist Paston Cup 2014


Recently found photograph

First Team of Ladies to play in the Newly Formed East Surrey League

May 2nd 1993 v Chipstead

Maureen Trumble, Audrey Norman, Ruth Hunt, Ivy Hingston,

Bet Tatam, Ann Wheeler, Pat Felloni, Eileen Mills




Commonwealth Games

Andrew Turnbull, Pauline Devereux, Frances Suttonwood

&  Howard Ellis visit the Commonwealth games in 2014



Epsom Ladies' Opening Day

April 23rd 2013



Mole Valley Cup 2013 (Runners Up)

Peter Miller  Ruth Nixon  Jo Ellis, Tony Dunn played in the Final

Martin Harbottle & Jan Allum played in earlier rounds



East Surrey League Top 10 Runners Up 2012

Pat Buckley  Martin Harbottle  David Sowdon

Brian Kenyon  Graham Naish  Terry Hoye  Ron Mew

Les Owen (Captain)  Peter Miller

Bill Lawrence (Marker)  Jim Scott



Yonwin Runners Up 2012

Sutton & District Bowling Association

Yonwin Cup Runners Up 2012

David Sowdon  Peter Miller  Ron Mew  David Bragg

Les Owen (Captain)  John Hart  Brian Kenyon  Pat Buckley

Jim Scott  Graham Naish  Martin Harbottle  Terry Hoye 

Windeler Cup 17th June 2012

Runners Up

Audrey Jones  Lyz Warren

Betty Grant  Anne Hoffmann



Area 3 Top 4


Runners Up - 2009

Brian Kenyon  John Hart

Graham Pilbrow  Fred Read



Club Night May 1st 2009



Yonwin Cup Runners up 2011

Cyril Newman  Brian Kenyon  Stefan Tomm  Pat Buckley  John Hart  Martin Harbottle  Graham Naish  Jim Scott  Terry Hoye  Peter Miller  Les Owen



Top 10 Winners 2008


Terry Hoye  Graham Pilbrow  Pat Buckley

Peter Miller  John Hart  Stefan Tomm

Derek Hoffmann (non playing Captain)

David Sowdon  Les Owen  Ted Ray Martin Harbottle





This was the state of the green on 7th July 2008 after heavy rain and hail.  This happened during a Top 10 &

Chrystie League game.  After 15 minutes play restarted and both games were completed.

Yonwin Cup Winners 2003  * Times Herald Winners 1975  *

Epsom Bowling Club v E.B.A.

11th September 1969  *

Ember Open Triples Winners

Bryan Salway  Les Owen 

John Skilton 1990  *

Dad's Army Trophy *


Cropley Cup*

20th June 1989

* *

Damage on Green

April 2008

Damage on Green

April 2008

Demolition of flats

alongside Club*

Demolition of flats alongside Club*

* *

View of Green from

Club House

Final Stage of Demolition

next to Green

View of Bar Area inside

Club House*

Ready for

Carpet Bowls* 


Entrance to Epsom Bowling Club*

Car Park*

Car Park*



Below are a collection of photographs discovered from years gone by,

and some from the recent past. Scroll down to see Party Time & Dad's Army.

Surrey Men Pairs

Winners 1948


Surrey Men Triples

Winners 1950


Surrey Men Triples Winners 1951


Dennis Neville*


Leopard Award June 2003

Surrey Ladies

playing at Epsom

Date Unknown*

Surrey Ladies Triples  Runners Up 1988




Surrey Men's Secretary's Winner 1980

Jack Pilbrow


Times Herald Winners




First Ladies' ESL League Team

Date Unknown

Group Photo

Date Unknown

A very early photograph

Date Unknown

A very early photograph

Date Unknown

Lord Rosebery


Worple Road

Date Unknown

Water Colour Painting

Donated to the Club

London Scottish visit


21st July 1984


London Scottish


Epsom 21st July 1984


London Scottish

visit Epsom

21st July 1984

Times Herald Runners Up




Newspaper article about Dad's Army

Area 3 Top 4


Pat Buckley  Peter Miller

Ted Ray  Martin Harbottle

ESL Top 10 Runners Up


80th Anniversary

Ladies' Section


Ladies' Surrey Pairs Winners

Freda Starkey &

Gill Sperring*

Ladies' Golden



Times Herald

Runners Up


Yonwin Cup

Winners 1990*

Green keeper in action in the 1950's

Yonwin Cup

Winners 1995*

90th Anniversary

1909 - 1999

Epsom Bowling Club v Surrey President

Roy Ward's team 1st August 1999*



Party Time










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Dad's Army