Associations in the County of Surrey

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North West Bowling Association


North West Surrey Bowling Association. (No relation to the Surrey C.B.A.)

This is a group of friendly Clubs in North West Surrey. The Friday Night League has 5 Divisions each with 8 teams, Walton usually entering 2 teams, Walton A and Walton B, currently in Division 2 and Division 3. Each team of 4 men plays alternately at home and away, and those interested should contact whoever is in charge of the team (arranged at the Pre-season Meeting). The Association usually arranges about 4 Representative Matches and Members are encouraged to enter their names on the list on the Notice Board, and they also arrange a once-a-year weekly tour.

North West Surrey Leagues

 Monday evening Ladies’ League (Team of 4);

 Thursday evening Mixed League (Teams of 4);

 Friday evening Men’s League (2 Teams of 4 – Divisions 1 and 3).

These leagues normally run from June to August.


West Surrey Bowling Association


On Wednesday 28 August 1946 a meeting was held in the Prince of Wales Hotel, Guildford. It was called by Mr F Pound, Hon Secretary of Brightwell Park BC.
The meeting was chaired by Mr H Mills, Chairman of Brightwell Park B C.
The meeting discussed the forming of a league consisting of 3 fours per side to play on Saturday afternoons. The annual subscription to be 1 guinea.
Following this meeting club representatives were asked to explain the details to their individual clubs and return on Wednesday 25 September 1946. At this meeting eight clubs:-
Allen House, Brightwell Park, Coleford, Dennis Athletic, Godalming, Milford, Vickers Armstrong and Woodbridge Hill formed the West Surrey Bowls League.
Mr Harry Mills was elected Chairman and President of the new league.
From those early beginnings the Association, as it has become, now consists of 45 clubs lying or adjacent to the west of a line from Molesey in the north of Surrey to Capel in the south.
The Association now offers fixtures against other Associations which players from members clubs are eligible to participate in, Competitions, Leagues and an Annual Tour.


East Surrey League


At a meeting at Old Coulsdon B.C. on 22nd April 1986 the following clubs decided to form a league:-

CaterhamChipsteadGodstone, Old Coulsdon, RedhillShirley Park and Wallington.


At a further meeting on 20th September 1986 Bletchingley and Epsom joined the other clubs.

These nine clubs becoming the Founder Members.

All of these clubs were already on each others fixture card. League games were commenced in the 1987 season.

Other clubs joining the league are Ashtead (1990), Cheam Fields (1989), Horley (1989), Purley (1994), Sutton (1990) and Dorking (2006).  Warlingham Park joined the league in the 2008 season and Purley Bury joined the League in 2009.

Redhill withdrew in 1988 (after just 2 seasons), thus making the league consisting of fifteen clubs.  Chipstead also withdrew in 1993, but were re-elected for the 2000 season.  In July 2014 Godstone resigned from the League.

In November 2014 Cheam & Croydon joined the League and two divisions were formed.  Croydon MO's were admitted into the second division in 2017.

Don Stanley was elected Honorary Life Vice President in 2000.

It is believed that the League idea was moved by Don Stanley of Old Coulsdon B.C., who became by popular and deserved vote the first President of The East Surrey Bowls League. 


The New Surrey Bowls League


The New Surrey Bowls League (NSBL) is an outdoor flat green bowls organisation open to Private & Public green Clubs. It was formed primarily to provide more competitive and attractive inter-club matches that were then available in existing bowls leagues & Bowling Associations in South West London & the North & East Surrey Areas.

The inaugural meeting of the NSBL took place at Malden B C in October 1995 and was attended by the 8 founding private outdoor bowls clubs.  By the start of the first season (1996) 3 additional Clubs had joined.

This has now (2020) expanded to the following 12 member Clubs.

Belmont, Cheam*, Cheam Fields, Dorking, Heathfield, Malden*, South London, Southey, Supreme*, Sutton & West Wimbledon. (Carshalton were also a member up to 2020).

* Founder Clubs


Currently the NSBL run the following:-

Four Leagues played on a weekend afternoon, each match comprising 3 Rinks

Triples League played on weekday afternoons, each match comprising Triples

Top Ten knockout competition comprising of one each Singles, Pairs, Triples & Fours playing simultaneously on the same green

Ron Willson Triples competition comprising one rink home/one rink away, both being played simultaneously


In both the Fours & Triples Leagues the Clubs play each other once per season.


North Downs Mixed Triples Bowls League


This League is currently organised by Horley B C. This is a mixed Triples League.  The Clubs in this League are:-

Reigate Priory, Newdigate, Caterham, Old Coulsdon, Bletchingley, Chipstead, Redhill, Banstead Neville, Horley, Dorking, Godstone, Monotype & Ashtead.  Monotype have now closed & Newdigate withdrew from the League in 2020.


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A big thanks to Kevin Goddard & John Davidson who supplied the information on this League


Border League


Currently there are two divisions in this League.  There is also a Knock Out Cup.

This League is for Men only – 3 rinks each Club.  It involves Clubs on the border of Surrey & Sussex. It is believed that the Clubs eligible are within 10 miles of the Surrey/Sussex border.

The current teams are:-

Division 1 Lindfield, Horley, Downsman, Horsham, Newdigate & Dorking

Division 2 Redhill, Popes Mead, Reigate Priory, Godstone & Horsham Park


Sutton & District Bowing Association


The Sutton and District Bowling Association (S&DBA) Association was founded in 1949. The rule regarding eligibility stated that the Association should consist of clubs who are affiliated to Surrey BA and whose greens comply with EBA regulations. Furthermore, the member clubs headquarters must be located within the districts of Banstead, Carshalton, Epsom, Ewell, Morden and Coombe, Sutton and Cheam, Wallington, Walton and Tadworth, and Worcester Park.


Piscatorials Bowling Society


The Society was formed in1947 when the porters at Billingsgate Fish Market played all sorts of sport against Smithfields Meat Market.  They decided that by 1947 that they would play bowls - it did not matter that not one of them had played before.  After the game they had a raffle of meat & kippers with the profits going on refreshments in the local pub, until one time the morning after they were presented with a bill for damages and extra drinks, so they decided enough was enough.  After this the decision was to give the money to charity as it was not long after the war.  To this day it is not known what happened but a rule was made not to give money but to pay for items needed.


Zippers Bowling Association


The Zippers Bowling Association began life as the idea of a bowler who had undergone invasive open-heart surgery.  In the Summer of 1995 he requested anyone of a like mind to contact him, and in December of that year sixteen interested bowlers attended the inaugural meeting at Leighton Buzzard Bowls Club.  All were looking for the same thing - a tangible way in which they could say "Thank you"  for being given a second chance.

The Association accepts invitations to play bowls wherever & whenever possible and averages about 20 matches a year both indoors and out across the country.  Clubs and Bowling Associations agree to host a charity game against the Zippers, with money being raised in a variety of ways.

Membership is over 230 and is restricted to bowlers, both ladies and men, who have undergone invasive heart surgery and who are members of recognised bowling clubs.  The term Zipper relates to the scar (akin to a zip fastener) left after surgery.  Members have had heart transplants, multiple by passes, new valves, stents and even pace makers installed.

As a result of these operations their life styles have vastly improved and in gratitude The Association  wish to raise funds for heart research and to contribute to local cardiac hospitals when they are appealing for funds to finance a special project or to help purchase specialised items of equipment.

Although not a recognised charity, all donations and money raised, together with any surplus from our annual subscriptions are donated to heart related charities and hospitals all of which are nominated annually by members.

The Zipper’s Bowling Association officially announced that due to the lack of support the Association ceased to function on 31st December, 2015.


The Surrey Mason's Bowling Association



Banks Bowling Association


The "Banks Bowling Association" was established in 1935, to spread the interest in the game

of bowling amongst employees of the banks. Various competitions were held between

members but these were suspended during the War and never restarted. Membership is open

to people employed by, or receiving, or due to receive a retirement pension from any Bank in

the United Kingdom, or who had a minimum of two years service in a bank. Spouses/partners

of existing members may also be eligible for membership. Today we have a very interesting

fixture list of approximately 41 matches against Counties, other Associations, and various

club sides; outdoors and indoors. These currently extend from Croydon and Crystal Palace

down to the South Coast, and from Reading to Eastbourne. This is a considerable area

which gives most members an opportunity of playing.

All members who apply for match selection are considered on an equal basis, and receive

roughly the same percentage of games for which they apply, irrespective of their age or ability.

Most of our 180 members are from Kent, Surrey & Sussex, but another twelve counties are

also represented.


Surrey County Short Mat Bowling Association

History of Surrey Short Mat Bowls Association

The game of Short Mat bowls was introduced into England in the North East and quickly spread through the country and was formalised in 1961.This all led to a meeting in London in 1984 with delegates from the North Staffs League, Crown Green, Flat Green, Carpet Bowls and the Sports Council and the ESMBA was formed.

Clubs started popping up in Surrey in the late 80s with the SHAB (Surrey, Hampsire And Berkshire) League being formed in 1990 closely followed by the formation of our Association in 1992. People involved in setting up both these organisations include Tony Reynolds, Jason Reynolds, Ernie Phipps all from Cheam, Mike Fitzpatric and Sylvia from Effingham, Reg Rapley, and myself from Lions and Trevor Mawhinny from Ripley. All the people I mentioned laid the foundations for us to build our great association.


Guiding Principles - The County association is here to facilitate safe, enjoyable and competitive short mat bowling to all levels of bowler in the County. This will be achieved through both change and innovation – a respect for tradition and openness to a new future.


The origin of the short mat bowls game is uncertain, but one story is that it was first played in Wales by two South Africans who came to work in the area. They had played Bowls outdoors in South Africa and, perhaps due to the poor climate and the long close season in Wales, they began to play a simulation of the outdoor game on a strip of carpet in a church hall. Some time later, they moved to Northern Ireland and took the new game with them. Rules and conditions of play were drawn up and the game soon became well established in the Province. It was introduced into England by Irish expatriates but development was slow until the 1980s when its potential as a low cost sport for people of all ages was realised.


The English Short Mat Bowling Association (ESMBA) was formed in 1984, and is now the governing body of the sport in England.[The sport is administered in England at two levels, the ESMBA oversee administration of the National Championships and Inter County Championships in addition to running the National Squad. At a more local level, 37 County Associations arrange a series of League, One Day and Knockout competitions within their own geographical area.

In 2009, the ESMBA launched a new National Club Championship event, the event featuring teams competing in all-four disciplines (Singles, Pairs, Triples & Fours), with all members being from the same club team. The Final's Day was played at Rugby Thornfield with  Kirby Bedon of Norfolk beating Warren Heath of Essex in the final. In 2010, Donnington of Cambridgeshire were the winners followed by Bob Carter of Norfolk in 2011. In 2012, the title was won by a side outside East Anglia for the first time when Cheshire'sMorley Green  lifted the title. The latest figures show 18,337 ESMBA registered members for the 2016/17 season.The ESMBA rules of the game are followed by the affiliated clubs and also by most others. Most clubs arrange competitions among their own members as well as allowing time for those not wishing to take part in competitions to enjoy informal bowling.