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20 years of Personal records at Epsom Bowling Club

Have a look in the May Newsletter to see how current members have faired in the last 20 years.


Update re getting back on the green

The Executive Committee met on Saturday 23rd May 2020 and the following has been decided:-

It has been decided to meet again on Saturday 27th June 2020 to see if there are any further changes to the guidelines already set out. It was felt that it is not safe to resume bowling & one of the major factors is that we still have work going on re the new changing rooms. This involves at least 3 members. As the present guidelines state that only 6 people should be on the premises at one time it was felt that play should not begin at this time.

There is one other major factor and that is that for economic reasons the green is only being cut once a week at present.

Please stay away from the Club.


Website Update

Famous wins in detail in 'May Newsletter'.



The Monthly Newsletter i.e June, July, August & September will be replaced by a Summer Newsletter.  Any news will be published in the Summer Edition from the 1st June 2020.


Website Update - 16th May 2020

The May Newsletter contains a History of Record Keeping at Epsom Bowling Club.  Please take a moment to view the history of what Epsom Bowling Club has achieved in matches throughout the years.


Website Update - 13th May 2020


The Website now has all the appearances made by ALL members of Epsom Bowling Club in every game played - Men Friendly, Ladies Friendly & Mixed.  Player Profiles have also been up dated to include this information.

Unfortunately there are no records for the Ladies before 2008.

All results, names, dates etc of matches - Men, Ladies & Mixed are also now recorded in full detail.  You can see these by going to 'Results' & clicking on the relevant section.  In each section there are further links to explore.  Happy reading.

The Appearances will be up dated at the end of each season.


Website Update - 11th May 2020

Lockdown has a lot to answer for!!

The Website now has all the appearances made by the Men in Friendly matches & when each member played their very first match - against which club & the position played.  (This data is for all current Men at the Club & goes back to 1974). You can access this information by going to 'Results', 'Men Friendly' & click on the link for Men's appearances.


Website Update - 9th May 2020

More research has revealed dates for Mixed matches.

The first recorded Mixed match was in 1990 (v Leatherhead).  The first entry for Mixed Matches in Fixture books started in 1990.  It is assumed that Epsom did not play Mixed games before 1990.

Records exist for 1990 to 1997 & 2002/004/2006. They are missing for1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 & 2008.  This is a great shame that these are missing.

During 1990 to 1997 the following current members played - Martin Harbottle, Eileen Mills, Roy Ward, George Sperring, Gill Sperring, Dolly Snow, Jan Allum, Clive Allum, Peter Humphreys, Cyril Newman, Tony Jackman, Peter Miller, Derek Hoffmann & Anne Hoffman.  The profiles for all of these have been updated.


Website Update

Indoor Friendly Results - matches played during the Winter months.

These have now been updated (1984 - 2019).  The section also shows Appearances made by current members at the Club.


Website Update

Player Profiles

These have now been updated & include information re when members played their very first matches for the Club.  Data was only available from 2009 so any member who joined before this date will not see this information. (except ESL matches).  Hopefully, when lockdown is over some further research can be made from the journals kept at the Club to complete this data for all current members.

The Profiles pages have also been altered to save scrolling along to see all information.


Men's, Ladies' & Mixed Friendly Matches

Full details of all matches played since 2009 (Our Centenary Year) have now been added to the Website.  These details include all players, match scores & rink scores.

To view these new details go to 'Results', 'Men Friendly' then click on the following link:-

'Click here to see full teams from 2009'. 

For the Ladies' follow similar procedures - 'Results', Ladies Friendly' then click on the link.

For the Mixed follow similar procedures - 'Results', Mixed then click on the link.

There are other links in these areas that you may be interested to look at.  After all what else have you got to do??


Bill Lawrence

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness to inform you  that Bill has passed away. He was a highly respected member of Epsom Bowling Club and will be sadly missed by all of us who had the pleasure of knowing him & playing with & against him.

Epsom Bowling Club sends it's condolences to Bill's family at this very sad time.

A tribute to Bill can be viewed in the May 2020 Newsletter.


It is with great sadness that Epsom Bowling have to inform you that in the last few months the following bowlers have passed away.


Richard Anthony - Member of Banstead Neville

Bill Lawrence - Member of Epsom Bowling Club

Peter Hunt - Member of Purley Bury Bowling Club

Dennis Green - Member of Sutton Bowling Club

Tom Cheesman - Former member of Epsom Bowling Club (Tribute in Winter Newsletter)

David Bridger - Member of Mole Valley Indoor BC.

Derek Pearce - Member of Chipstead Bowling Club

Geoff Robinson - Member of Sutton Bowling Club

Margaret Webb - Member of Sutton Bowling Club


Epsom Bowling Club sends its condolences to the families & friends at this very sad time.



Carshalton Bowling Club have lost their court case to remain open.  They will be closed from 12th April 2020.


Frank Hall Tournament

Epsom entered this Tournament, taking place at Donyngs, for the second time.  They entered two teams.

Team A Stefan Tomm, Sandie Harvey, Keith Roberts & Martin Harbottle.

This team won 2 of their 3 games & lost by just 2 shots to qualify for the Semi Final.

Team B Lesley South, Sylvia Smart, Richard Price & Heather Pigden

This rink lost their 3 games.  However, this turned out to be a great experience & enjoyable day for all players.