Graham Naish (8th April - 5th August 2019)


  Graham Naish                                                                                 

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As you know Graham sadly passed away on the 12th August 2019.


His Funeral took place on Friday 6th September 2019. At his funeral it was mentioned that Graham was a Champion Dancer which came as a great surprise to all of us who attended.  The Chapel was full with at least 50 people outside.  Several went back to the Royal British Legion in Worcester Park where a tribute was on display including the photograph here.


Below is a brief summary of his achievements at Epsom Bowling Club.


Graham joined Epsom Bowling Club in 1998 with Jim Scott, Ron Palmer & Paul Goodbun.  They originally played at Andre B C which folded.

He soon fitted in to playing matches at the Club & played regularly in the East Surrey League & Outside Competitions.  He played most of his games as Skip.

Graham played his first East Surrey League match against Purley B C in 1998.  He qualified for his Surrey County Badge in the 90's & reached the Area Final of the Fours (with John Hart, George Sperring & Les Owen) in 2011 whilst at Epsom B C.

Graham won his first Club title in 2011, (Two Wood Singles) & also won the Pairs in 2012, Fours in 2011/12, Triples in 2011 & Millerís Triples in 2011/13. He was a member of the team that won the Yonwin Cup in 2003 & was a member of the squad that won the East Surrey League in 2015.

Graham was runner up in the Club Championship in 2011, Pairs 2013 & Triples in 2012. 

Club Appearances

East Surrey League    182                  Yonwin Cup    43                    Top 10             34

ESL Top 11                  1                      BE Top Club    19                    Times Herald/Past Times      34

BE Two Fours             15                    Tony Allcock  6                      Jubilee Cup     28

Graham will be sadly missed by all who knew him at Epsom Bowling Club.  He will be remembered for his excellent play on the green, his enthusiasm to be successful and his warm friendship off the green.

RIP Graham